Small Worlds

Many of the ancient mythological traditions envisioned gods as being like mortals with superpowers. Other theologies defined gods as omnipotent beings that controlled literally everything. In Small Worlds, it’s both. Every god has a nanoverse, a pocket universe where they are, in fact omnipotent. In the core world (that would be ours) their nanoverse gives them power, which makes them all big fish in a very big pond.

Ryan Smith is the newest big fish. He also has the dubious honor of being the Eschaton, which means that his job is to oversee the end of the core world. Yes, you read that right: the hero of the series is in charge of armageddon. Ryan and his allies hope to save humanity in the process…somehow. The gods of history, like Athena, Ishtar, Enki, Moloch, and Bast (just to name a few) all have their own opinions on the situation, and they’re all taking sides.

You can check out Book 1, Weird Theology, Here.